Saturday, January 1, 2011

My first "1st" award winning photograph...!!

Hello Friends,

I won 1st prize for this photograph in Inter College Photography Competition held by YUVA SPANDAN. Yuva Spandan is a yearly event organized by Kaveri College of Science & Commerce’s, senior students. As a part of this event they organize Inter College Photography Competition also.

This year they had selected following four subjects for this competition,
1.     Smile
2.     Emotions
3.     Flowers
4.     Sunset

I selected the first one “Smile”.

Now, about this photograph………

This photograph was shot at Swimming Competition organized by Rotary Club of Pune Pashan for Physically and Mentally Challenged children.

This is a “Smile” of a “Mother” looking at her son, “Just” only, after having completed the defined distance to swim & not winning the competition. The smile of “HAPPINESS & SATISFACTION”. A smile of a “MOTHER”.  

Hope you all will like this. Your comments & suggestions are welcomed.